Archaeological Consultants

The Fossil Hill Group conducts all Stages (1 - 4) of Archaeological Assessment province wide. Our Licensed Archaeologists, Associates and Technical Field Crews are experienced in archaeological survey and reconnaissance, non-intrusive subsurface detection,excavation, data processing & analysis, interpretation and report generation. Archaeological Assessments result from directives under Provincial or Federal law such as the Ontario Heritage Act (R.S.O. 1990), the Ontario Cemeteries Act (Consolidated), the Planning Act (R.S.O. 1990 C.13) and the Environmental Assessment Act (R.S.O. 1990).

Research & Planning

The Fossil Hill Group conducts all types of client directed research. This includes historical, geographical and ethnographic forms of research. Such studies are often warranted to facilitate or augment Land Claims Research, Environmental Assessment, Litigation or Municipal Planning. When your property is designated or listed under the Ontario Heritage Act (R.S.O. 1990), you will need a Heritage Impact Assessment if you want to make any changes to the property. The purpose of the Act is to preserve the character and value of our built heritage so we can integrate our history into the fabric of our evolving cities. When conducting heritage impact assessments, we analyze the building in historical context using international, provincial and local criteria. Our researchers then make clear and simple recommendations to developers, property owners as well as city planners to develop workable solutions.

Heritage Education Programs & Curriculum

The Fossil Hill Group provides experiential programs for students enrolled in Primary, Secondary and Post-Secondary levels. Our programs include both classroom and field components giving the student a 'hands on' experience. Each component is designed to reinforce the other providing a contextual approach to learning. Course content often exceeds theOntario Core Curriculum Requirements though teachers are free to augment these programs. All topics combine both Qualitative and Quantitative approaches to learning. Programs range from classroom visits, field trips, a simulated archaeological excavation, material studies, internships and illustrated lectures.

Collections Inventory & Management

The Fossil Hill Group provides artifact inventory and collections management. Regional museums often serve as a local repository for their communities and, as such, do not have the resources to catalogue, curate and store this information in a digital format. Our team of heritage specialists include archaeologists, historians, museum consultants and software specialists. Our team can manage museum collections from 'Artifact to Web'