Heritage Education & Consulting

The Fossil Hill Group provides experiential programs for students enrolled in Primary, Secondary and Post-Secondary levels. Our programs include both classroom and field components giving the student a 'hands on' experience. Each component is designed to reinforce the other providing a contextual approach to learning. Course content often exceeds the Ontario Core Curriculum Requirements though teachers are free to augment these programs. All topics combine both Qualitative and Quantitative approaches to learning. Programs range from classroom visits, field trips, a simulated archaeological excavation, material studies, internships and illustrated lectures.

Professional Development & Teacher Training

Need to find some added training in your teaching area? Consider the Fossil Hill Group. The Ontario Core Curriculum encourages teachers to integrate topics such as Archaeology, Aboriginal Heritage and Material Culture Studies into the Ontario Middle School programs. Most teachers, however, are not sufficiently knowledgeable nor comfortable with these areas. As such, Aboriginal History is often included in the "pioneer modules" and Canada's First Nations are often depicted as the "people of the forest" that settlers first encountered when they "discovered" the New World. The Fossil Hill Group offers workshops and training in Archaeology, Ontario Prehistory and Core Curriculum consultation on these subject matters. Archaeology is both qualitative and quantitative and can be integrated into a variety of classroom subjects and skills such as Geography, History, Social Studies, History, English, Computers and Science. Fossil Hill provides educational consulting to provide educators with both knowledge base and material support to be successful in the classroom.