Collections Inventory & Management

The Fossil Hill Group provides artifact inventory and collections management. Regional museums often serve as a local repository for their communities and, as such, do not have the resources to identify, catalogue, curate and store this information in a digital format. Our team of heritage specialists include archaeologists, historians, museum consultants and software specialists. Our team has extensive experience in ODBC and RDBMS management systems. We can install the most suitable management systems tailored to our clients budgetary needs. All software utilized by the Fossil Hill Group meets the international standards for museum information interchange such as Open Source Project and the Dublin Core.

Museum Programs & Development

The Fossil Hill Group provides experiential programs for students enrolled in Primary, Secondary and Post-Secondary levels. Our programs include both museum and field components giving the student a 'hands on' experience. Each component is designed to reinforce the other providing a contextual approach to learning. Course content often exceeds the Ontario Core Curriculum Requirements though programmers are free to augment these programs. All topics combine both Qualitative and Quantitative approaches to learning. Programs range from classroom visits, field trips, a simulated archaeological excavation, material culture studies, mentorship and illustrated lectures. Using your museum collections, the Fossil Hill Group can create innovative programs that stimulate learning.