Archaeology presents a certain amount of risk to a client. You can never be sure what, if anything, is going to be uncovered. Our staff & associates will always be upfront with you about about our fees and projected costs. We will provide you with both minimum and maximum project estimates for your approval. Payment options (eg. per unit billing) may also be negotitated but such agreements must be arranged before mitigation. In some instances, a retainer fee may be required to secure a contract.

Consulting Rates

-Hourly Consultation........$250.00/hr*
-Contractual, Project Based Request Quote
-Phone Calls................Free

Notes: Fees do not include HST, Per Diem, Travel & Equipment Costs.
* An initial consultation fee of $250.00 (unlimited time) to first time clients.

Clients are welcome to contact us at our Intelligent Office ® located in Hamilton

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Address: One Hunter Street East, Ground Floor
Hamilton, Ontario L8W 3W1
Phone: (905)777-7958; Fax:(905)777-7833
Toll Free:(866)243-7028
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