James B. Bandow BA, APA

Senior Archaeologist & Principal


James Bandow is a Professional Archaeologist and Case Manager for the Fossil Hill Group. He has more than 25 years experience in Research, Education, and Cultural Resource Management. This includes postings in Government, Conservation Areas, Museums, Engineering Firms, and Universities.


Archaeological Survey & Reconnaissance; Areal Survey & Photo Imaging; Geophysical Sensing & Geomatics; Archaeological Excavation (Stages 1 - 4); Materials Analysis; Museum Collections Management and Education Programing.


Interests include Pre-contact Aboriginal Society, economy and social structure; proxemic behavior and archaeological modeling; oral and written history.

Selected Publications

Bandow James B, & Bob Henderson

2009 Watch your step: Where was Tinawatawa? Ontario Professional Surveyor 52(3): 14 - 16

Bandow James B.

2008 White dogs, black bears & ghost gamblers: Two Late Woodland Midewiwin aspects from Ontario. J. Randolph Valentine & Peter Hele (Editors). Gathering Places in Algonquian Social Discourse.Proceedings of the 40th Algonquian Conference. SUNY Press, New York.

2001 Reflections on Water: Streamling Predictive Modeling in Ontario. Papers & Abstracts of the 2001 Annual Meeting of the Canadian Archaeological Association (CAA), Banff, Alberta.

2000 Dr. Who & The Apothecary: Authentic Pluralism and Historical Representation at the Westfield Heritage Village, Rockton, Ontario. M. Boyd, M. Hendrikson & John Erwin (Editors). The Entangled Past: Integrating History & Archaeology. University of Calgary Press, Chacmool Conference.

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