James B. Bandow BA, APA

Senior Archaeologist & Principal


James Bandow is a Professional Archaeologist and Case Manager for the Fossil Hill Group. He has more than 25 years experience in Research, Education, and Cultural Resource Management. This includes postings in Government, Conservation Areas, Museums, Engineering Firms, and Universities.


Archaeological Survey & Reconnaissance; Areal Survey & Photo Imaging; Geophysical Sensing & Geomatics; Archaeological Excavation (Stages 1 - 4); Materials Analysis; Museum Collections Management and Education Programing.


Interests include Pre-contact Aboriginal Society, economy and social structure; proxemic behavior and archaeological modeling; oral and written history.


Includes extensive archaeological field work including archaeological survey, reconnaissance, excavation, archaeobotanical coring, and lake bottom bathymetry. Lab experience includes procedures, faunal analysis, data processing (including darkroom procedures), analysis, specimen thin sectioning, and database management. Museum and Historical experience includes records and archival research (including Stage 1 Assessment), conservation, exhibit display, database management, and education (public archaeology). Report Preparation includes experience in data processing and analysis, including Geographical Information Systems (eg. GRASS), and report writing.

Present - The Fossil Hill Group, One Hunter Street East, Suite G-100 Hamilton, Ontario Phone: (905) 777-7958; Email: info@fossilhillgroup.ca; Duties: Senior Archaeologist, Anthropologist, Case Manager

Current Projects: Senior Archaeologist, Highway 407 East Construction Project Stage 4 Archaeological Assessments - AlGr-264; AlGr-210; AlGr-279
407 East Construction Consortium & Scarlett Janusas Archaeology Inc. - Clients

2000 - 2003 Fisher Archaeological Consulting, 452 Jackson Street West, Hamilton, Ontario. Duties: Associate Archaeologist

1997/9 Material Culture Management Inc, Hamilton; The CRM Group, Dillon Engineering & Consultants, North York, Ontario. Duties: Archaeological Field Technician, Historical Researcher (Stage 1 Assessments)

1996 Dillon Engineering & Consultants, North York, Ontario 100 Sheppard Avenue East, North York, Ontario Duties: Archaeological Technician, Highway #407 Archaeological Assessment(Canadian Highways International Corporation)

1993/4 D.R. Poulton & Associates,134 Commissioner's Road West, London, Ontario. Supervisor: Mr. Dana Poulton Duties: Archaeological Field Technician 1992 Northern Gas Pipeline Survey(New Liskerd - North Bay. Ann Balmer & Associates, Toronto (Client) - Stage 2 Archaeological Assessment


2006 - Department of Fine Arts, University of Guelph Jones Building, RM 314, College Avenue, Guelph, Ontario. Duties: Visiting Lecturer

2000 Sir Wilfred Laurier University, Department of Archaeology & Classics. 75 University Avenue, Waterloo, Ontario. Duties: Instructor

1991 - 1993 Department of Sociology and Anthropology, University of Guelph, Ontario.Duties: Teaching Assistant


2003 - 2008 Museum of Ontario Archaeology, University of Western Ontario, Lawson - Jury Building 1600 Attawandaron Road, London, Ontario. Duties: Archaeologist (Staff)

1995 Westfield Heritage Centre, Hamilton Region Conservation Authority. Rockton, Ontario. Duties: Historical Researcher, Interpreter, Education Programming

1991 Department of New World Prehistory, Royal Ontario Museum, 100 Queens Park, Toronto, Ontario. Duties: Field Archaeologist (Lake Temagami Archaeology & Palaeoecology Project)

1988/92 McMaster University, Department of Anthropology, 1280 Main Street West, Hamilton, Ontario. Duties: Instructor, Research Assistant, Field Director, Data Analyst Full-Time (Summer), Part-Time (Fall/Winter)

1988/90 Department of Invertebrate Zoology, Royal Ontario Museum, 100 Queen's Park, Toronto, Ontario Duties: Research & Lab Assistant (Bliss Islands Archaeology Project) 1984/5 Cyprus American Archaeological Research Institute (CARI), 41 King Paul Street, 136 Nicosia, Cyprus Duties: Archaeological Internship (Full-Time Summers)


Knowledge of computer programs: Familiar with PC environment Office Suites (Microsoft, Corel, Star Office, Open office) NT, Unix (System V, SunOS, macOS, Linux, ArcheOS, netBSD). Applications: Dbase, PastPerfect (collection database); Mathmatica; Basp, Grass (GIS); SPSS; Surveyer; Photomodeler; TNTLite (gis,cad,cogo);StratiGraf; Experience in surveying using both Full and Partial Transit Stations, Survey GPS. Public Speaking. General Aviation.


1996/7 Post-Degree Studies, Faculty of Social Sciences, Department of Anthropology, McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario.
1995 Vocational Diploma in Sustainable Development, Mohawk College of Applied Arts and Science. Hamilton, Ontario.
1991 BA. (Honours), Faculty of Social Sciences, Department of Anthropology, McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario
1982/5 Faculty of Arts & Humanities, Department, Classical & Near Eastern Studies Brock University, St. Catherines, Ontario

Ontario Archaeological Society(OAS) Charter Member; Canadian Archaeological Association(CAA); Association of Professional Archaeologists(APA); Center For American Archaeology (CAA)

Selected Reports, Published Papers & Presentations:

Bandow, James B.

(Forthcoming) Colonial and Aboriginal Place Names and Archaeological Site Interpretation: A Case Study from Lake Temagami, Ontario. Canadian Journal of the Humanities & Social Science. Submitted

(Forthcoming), n.d. "The Reimer Site: A Multi-Component Site On The North Shore Of Lake Erie, Ontario, Annual Archaeological Reports Ontario (AARO),Vol. 13:Submitted

Bandow, James B. and Robert Henderson
. 2009 "Watch Your Step: Where was Tinawatawa?", Ontario Professional Surveyor 52(3): 14-15

Bandow, James B.
2008 "White Dogs, Black Bears & Ghost Gamblers: Two Late Woodland Midewiwin Aspects from Ontario. IN Karle S. Hele and J. Randolph Valentine (Editors) Gathering Places In Algonquian Social Discourse Proceedings of the 40th Algonquian Conference. Albany: SUNY Press

2007 "The Reimer & Boyd Sites: Multicomponent Occupation on the North Shore of Lake Erie".In The Archaeology of Space & place In The Lower Great Lakes. Abstracts of the Ontario Archaeological Society Conference, 2001, Occasional Research Bulletin No. 2, Heights 12(2): 4 - 10

2001 Reflections on Water: Streamlining Predictive Modeling In Ontario. Papers of the 2001 Annual Meeting of the Canadian Archaeological Association, Banff, Alberta. Ottawa: Canadian Archaeological Association (with Jacqueline Fisher)

1999 "Dr. Who and the Apothecary: Authentic Pluralism and Historic Representation at the Westfield Heritage Centre,Rockton, Ontario. "The Entangled Past: History & Archaeology. Proceedings of the 30th Annual Chacmool Conference. John Erwin (Editor) Calgary: University of Calgary Press.

1997a "Public Archaeology in a Post-Industrial Society", In Public or Perish: Archaeology into the Next Millennium. D.T. Hannah, P.C.Dawson, & D.A. Mayer (Editors). Proceedings of the 26th Chacmool Conference. Calgary: University of Calgary Press.

1997b Complex Problems: Preliminary Structural Analysis of Ceramic Design Symmetry from Middle Woodland Sites in Southwestern Ontario. Paper Presented to the Ontario Archaeological Society, Annual Conference "Taming the Taxonomy", Toronto, October 13-15.

1997c "The Chasm Between Late 17th Century History, Oral History, and Archaeology in Southern Ontario". Unpublished paper presented at the 28th Annual Chacmool Conference Calgary, Alberta. November 07-10 (with Dr. James Molnar)

1991 Preliminary Macroscopic Analysis of Thermally Treated Chert from Southern Ontario: Implications for Material Identification. Paper Presented at the 1991 Canadian Archaeological Association Meeting, St. John, Newfoundland. (with Heidi Bohaker & Frank Albanese)

1990a A Clam for All Seasons: Preliminary Seasonality Analysis of Soft-shelled Clams from the Bliss Islands, N.B. Unpublished Paper presented at the 1990. Canadian Archaeological Association, Whitehorse, Yukon. (with Dr. David Black)

1990b 'Ink Smudges and Smoke Screens': A Review of Binford's Debating Archaeology. Nexus 8: 165-166

Selected Government & Cultural Resource Management Reports

Bandow James B. and Robert J. Doidge
2013 Pathways and Petroforms: Archaeological Reconnaissance at French River Provincial Park. Stage 1 Archaeological Assessment Report (non-consulting) Report to the Ministry of Tourism and Culture (MTC), Heritage Branch, Government of Ontario. - submitted

Bandow James B. & Scarlett Janusas
2013 Excavations of the Wilcockson Tavern Site (AlGr-210) Stage 4 Archaeological Assessment Technical Report, Ministry of Tourism, Culture & Recreation, Toronto (MTCR) Volume One; plus Report Supplement p. 197

Fisher, Jacqueline & James B. Bandow
2007 The Bos Severance, Cambridge Ontario.Stage 1 & 2 Archaeological Assessment filed with the Ministry of Citizenship, Culture, & Recreation of Ontario (MCzCR), Toronto

2001 The Proposed Arva Sanitary Sewage System. Stage 1 Archaeological Assessment filed with the Ministry of Citizenship, Culture, & Recreation (MCzCR). Material Culture Management Inc.

2000a The Miller Severance (A,B & C) Stage 1 & 2. Final Report. Archaeological Assessment filed with the Ministry of Citizenship, Culture & Recreation, Government of Ontario. Fisher Archaeological Consulting Inc.

2000b The Vaughn Severance, Stage 1 & 2. Final Report. Archaeological Assessment filed with the Ministry of Citizen, Culture & Recreation, Government of Ontario. Fisher Archaeological Consulting Inc.

2000c The Mills Property Severance, Stage 1 & Stage 2. Final Report Archaeological Assessment filed with the Ministry of Citizenship, Culture & Recreation, Government of Ontario. Fisher Archaeological Consulting Inc.

1999 Stage 1 Assessment for Heritage Green Properties (Saltfleet) (Remaining Lots) Stoney Creek. Concession #8, Lots 31 & 32 and Concession #7 Lot 29. Unpublished Report Filed With the Ontario Ministry of Citizen, Culture & Recreation, Toronto, Ontario. Material Culture Management Inc.

Gibbs, David Michael & James B. Bandow
1993 A Stage 2 Assessment of the Battlefield Monument Site, Stoney Creek, Ontario. Unpublished Report Submitted to the Ontario Ministry of Citizenship, Culture & Recreation, Toronto, Ontario. (With D. Michael Gibbs for All-Tech Services)

* A complete list of all Cultural Resource Management reports and contributions is available upon request.

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