Scarlett Janusas, BA, MA.APA

Senior Archaeologist & Associate (External)


Scarlett Janusas is an experienced underwater and land based archaeologist with experience in both prehistoric and historic archaeology. She received her BA in Anthropology/Archaeology from the University of Western Ontario and an MA in Anthropology/Archaeology from Trent University. Scarlett has over 33 years of archaeological experience with private sector, federal, provincial and municipal governments. She has directed land-based and underwater archaeological projects for multiple organizations and institutions, both public and private. In those various capacities, she has undertaken more than 300 cultural impact assessments including site mitigation and development of cultural resource management Master Plans for clients in Ontario and other parts of eastern Canada. Scarlett has worked closely with the Green Energy Sector, Transportation Sector including major highway projects,the public and private development community.


Scarlett Janusas serves as Senior Archaeologist and Consultant (External) for clients requiring Archaeological Resource Management,marine operations and subsurface detection. She has extensive experience with Historic Euro-Canadian, Pre-Contact Nations archaeological sites.


Interests include marine archaeology, remote sensing and bathymetric survey,conservation, Planning and economic systems.

Selected Publications

Books & Monographs,

(1988) Archaeological Perspective of a Historic Overview of the Regional Municipality of Waterloo
Kitchener: Regional Municipality of Waterloo, Planning Department, Heritage Division Report No. 1
(1984) Petrological Analysis of Kettle Point Chert and Temporal Distribution in Regional History
Archaeological Survey of Canada, Mercury Series, Paper No. 128 Ottawa: National Museum of Man

Selected Papers,

(1990) An Archaeologicval Facilities Master Plan for the Regional Municipality of Waterloo Canadian Journal of Archaeology 14: 223-224

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